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Laurel Ranch

Whether you enjoy a quiet stroll down our regional trail or wish to spice up your life with the finest in dining, upscale retail and great entertainment, Laurel Ranch offers it all within a short distance. Families will also enjoy access to Top Rated ( Northgate (rated “10”) or Clayton Charter (rated “9”) High Schools, based on availability. Access to acclaimed De La Salle and Carondelet High Schools will also be enjoyed.

And when Lenox Homes need a painter he use Spectrum Painting & Faux, the paint provider for this project was Kelly-Moore if you need more information or need a paint job, please contact us. or call us at (925)330-9504.


Kelly-Moore interior paints offer many color choices for your house. But what sort of color should you choose? Your choice of paint color can help create a soothing, relaxing mood, perfect for getting a good night’s sleep.

Whites or greys
If you have a beautiful handmade quilt or a fantastic headboard or chimney mantel that you want to serve as the visual focus of your room, consider one of Kelly-Moore’s white paints. A warmer white hue, such as Acoustic White (use in Laurel Ranch houses to paint the ceilings and trim), can feel less stark than a cooler white hue, and it can also set off your white curtains or sheets, as well. A grey tone, on the other hand, can also work well in a bedroom, especially if the space has a lot of artwork on the walls.

Spectrum Painting & Faux is your painter contractor serving the Greater Bay Area since 1985, so if you are ready to paint your home let us take care of you.

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