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Pine Creek HOA – Paint Project 2020

Project description

Provide labor, equipment and materials to prime bare or new substrates and apply two coats of paint to Stucco, Siding, Eaves, Fascias, Wood Trim, Doors, Balcony Rails, Metal Posts and Beams, Front, Access/Utility Doors, Carports, Galvanized Metal Downspouts, Gutters, Metal A/C Units, Vents, Drip Flashing, Utility Box Covers and other Misc. Metal. finish and colors according to Kelly Moore specs dated on 5/01/2015.

Project Map

Project Colors

Building “body” color selection 

New Pine Creek Body

Control Number – 14-2406-618

Product – 1245 Low Sheen


  • Stucco

  • Siding on sheds and garages (but not trim or belly bands)

  • Fences (but not cap board)

  • Roof jacks on shed roofs

  • Carport poles and underside of carport

  • Garage interior

  • Rain gutter downspouts

  • Privacy screen in front of units by front door..(Not every unit has one)

Pine Creek Trim White

Control Number – 15-610-618

Product – 1245 Low Sheen


  • Fascia boards and metal flashing on carports, sheds

  • Rain gutters

  • Vertical and horizontal trim, and fascia boards around front windows, front doors,

    sheds, shed doors, utility closet doors, garages, garage doors

  • Fence cap boards and the bands underneath them……(if there are bands underneath)

  • Belly bands on garages and front of building

Pine Creek Trim Green - Accent Panels

Control Number – 15-610-618

Product – 1245 Low Sheen


  • Panels above and below front windows…whether they are stucco or wood

Pine Creek Trim Green - Front Doors

Control Number – 15-610-618

Product – 1250 Semigloss


  • Doors (front, shed, utility closet, garage)

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