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The Hamptons HOA – Paint Project 2020

Project description

Provide labor, equipment and materials to prime bare or new substrates and apply two coats of paint to Siding, Stucco, Eaves, Fascias, Wood Trim, Doors, Balcony Rails, Wood Posts and Beams, Front Doors, Access/Utility Doors, Garage Doors, Galvanized Metal Downspouts, Gutters, Vents, Drip Flashing, Utility Box Covers, finish and colors according to specs.

Project Calendar

Project Colors

Buildings color selection 

Stucco - SuperPaint Satin finish

Bungalow Beige Sherwin Williams
SW7511 “Bungalow Beige”


Siding - SuperPaint Satin finish

Let It Rain Sherwin Williams

SW9152 “Let it Rain”



Trim - SuperPaint Satin finish

Snowbound Sherwin Williams

SW7004 “Snowbound”¬†

Front door - SuperPaint Gloss finish

Perle Noir Sherwin Williams

SW9154 “Perle Noir”

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