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Our Values
Spectrum Painting is committed to provide the highest quality painting services to our clients. We will always listen carefully to our clients’ concerns and provide honest, prompt and fair responses
Spectrum Painting will work to develop new ways for our clients to approach their projects, and we will continue to express originality and pride in our work.
Spectrum Painting is committed to hiring skilled and specialized craftspeople, and to offering comprehensive training for all our employees. We will conduct ourselves in a businesslike manner, every day.
Some of our Customers
Do You Have Any Questions?
Below are some of the most often asked questions by our customers.
What is the difference between a bad paint job and a good paint job?
A bad paint job is the result of an underbid, inexperienced crew just trying to get the job done as quickly as possible, giving little consideration to the proper steps necessary to complete the job right.
 A good paint job emphasizes proper preparation which will determine the overall life of the work. Technique is important along with quality materials. Without the proper amount of time, skill and material mean nothing. Spectrum Painting can give you precise estimates to let you know how long a quality job will take and all of the steps involved to properly paint your house. We can also give you an idea of what a lower bid would entail and what work will not be performed.
Who does the painting and who will supervise the job?
Spectrum Painting properly trains all employees. Each of our Lead Painters manage a minimum set crew of 2-3 painters. We have found that certain skills and personalities work well together, which enhances the work and efficiency.
What kind of paint do you use?
We use Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Dunn Edwards, Kelly Moore, Frazee, and Behr to name a few. The brand of paint may vary depending on customer preference or project specifications. Regardless of brand, we use the highest grades because the best paint results in the best quality. All of our other materials tools and supplies are top quality as well.
Does your company have additional services to offer?
Yes. We do Wall paper removal, Drywall, Plaster repairs, Deck cleaning, Wood refinishing, Pressure washing, Epoxy floors, Parking lot stripping, Red curbs, and professional cleaning services.
Will you stay on the job consistently, rather than a few days on and a few days off?
We will have the same crew begin and complete your job. We have enough employees so that we can have multiple jobs going at one time.
Are references available?
Yes, please go to the contact us page. Additional references are available upon request.
Is your company bonded?
Spectrum Painting & Faux., is a registered contractor in the State of California (Lic.#475336). We are bonded in accordance with California State contractor requirements. Our insurance includes general business coverage, with General Liability and Worker’s Compensation policies. We maintain a $5 million Umbrella Insurance Policy to ensure homeowners’ full protection.
Contact Us
Spectrum Painting excels at service, from color consultation and estimates to going over the completed job and finishing the touch-up list. So if you got a paint project contact us at

cell (925)330-9504

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